AGAR SPEED – 20 Litres


  • Extremely durable semi‐permanent seal
  • Uses natural orange oil solvents
  • Excellent levelling properties
  • Enhances natural stone appearance
  • Penetrates terrazzo, slate, ceramics, concrete and other stone surfaces
  • High gloss and slip resistant

Exemplify is a clear, non‐yellowing, UV resistant, acrylic penetrating, sealer for both internal and external applications. Exemplify provides a durable, low maintenance sealing system to all types of hard floor surfaces (including quarry tiles, ceramic tiles, terracotta, terrazzo, granite, cement surfaces, pavers, polished and stencilled concrete).

Exemplify uses natural orange oil solvents as a base to impart a pleasant citrus fragrance and eliminate the use of toxic toluene type solvents. Exemplify conforms to the Australian Standard for the Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Surfaces AS/NZS 3661. Porous surfaces such as sandstone (or old unsealed concrete) should be sealed with a base seal prior to applying Exemplify to avoid applying an excessive number of coats.

Exemplify provides a semi-permanent seal that eliminates the need for regular stripping cycles and will last from 2‐5 years dependent on environmental wear factors. Exemplify also provides a stable base coat for ThermagloPlus Sealer Finish where a buffable finish is required (for ultra-high gloss).