AlorAir® Storm Pro Commercial Dehumidifier For Water Damage Restoration

Storm Pro Dehumidifier is a powerful water damage restoration equipment that can be deployed for both domestic and commercial purposes. The dehumidifier offers high-quality service with a low energy consumption rate. It comes with a host of features that make it just what you might want to use in high humidity conditions and flooding conditions. There is an option for an outlet duct connection which is easy to handle even for a newbie.

It is designed with simplicity but delivers impressively.  You can disassemble the device and put it back together with ease. In fact, the Storm Pro Dehumidifier can be dismantled serviced and put back in under 10 seconds. The equipment has been tested and proved to be working as a combination of expertise, innovation, and sturdiness.

Storm Pro Dehumidifier also features Epoxy coated coils. The feature has been added to extend the life of the equipment. They offer suitable protection against corrosion and other effects from unknown elements. The machine is fitted with a high-efficiency rotor that sucks away humidity at record speed.



•    Features a hot gas valve system for defrosting

•    Has housing in a back-up box design. It is possible to disassemble the unit fast and reassemble it.

•    It comes with epoxy coated coils which give the unit a longer life and stand against the elements and corrosion. It also has a side plate

•    Features a super COP and a high capacity

•    Heavy duty condensate pump

•    Features a quick cable connector

•    Connects quickly to the pump. You can detach the pump with ease and reattach it

•    Has multifold filters (HEPA, Carbon, G3, Prefilter)

•    Ridged handle for easy transport

•    Provides accurate run-time measurements with an hour-time meter


•    More Thorough, And More Quick

•    Ducting options

•    Easy handling

•    HGV Defrosting

•    Water Full protection

•    CE, ETL

•    Memory Starting

•    Condensate Pump

•    Quick connection to Cable/Hose

•    Washable Air Filter

•    Environmental R410A Refrigerant

•    Large Diameter Wheels

•    Cable / Hose Wrap

•    Rotational Molded Body

•    Automatic humidistat control

•    Low Temperature