What is Antifoam?

ANTIFOAM is a potent silicone-based defoaming additive which quickly breaks down foam and bubbles that accumulate in cleaning machine recovery tanks. Excessive foam causes time to be wasted in emptying tanks that are full of foam instead of washing liquid. By keeping foam under control, ANTIFOAM eliminates these problems.

How Does It Work?
ANTIFOAM is a potent silicone-type anti-foam additive. It is designed to quickly break down foam and bubbles that accumulate in the recovery tanks of hot water extraction and automatic scrubbing machines where foam creates problems. Foam build-up reduces the holding capacity of recovery tanks and causes time to be wasted in emptying the tank. If foam rises in the tank and enters the vacuum motor, damage may result. ANTIFOAM eliminates these problems.

For Use On…
ANTIFOAM can be used in all recovery tanks, including carpet extractors, floor scrubbers and wet vacuum cleaners, i.e., wherever foam is a problem.

A high-foaming concentrated cleaner with the added cleaning power of ammonia. AMMODET is ideal for washing walls, floors, utensils

and painted surfaces. As a window-cleaning solution, AMMODET dissolves dirt quickly and squeegees off, leaving the glass sparkling and completely streak-free.

Key Benefits

Low in cost and highly concentrated

Shows rapid soil attack

Has a very high soil-loading capacity

Biodegradable and phosphate-free

Effective in hot or cold water

Excellent window cleaner ? it dissolves dirt

Squeegees off leaving glass sparkling and completely streak free.

How Does It Work?

AMMODET is a concentrated high foam cleaner with ammonia that will remove dirt, food spills, greasy fatty films, fats, smears and marks on windows; all traffic dirt from floors.

For Use On?

Walls, floors, utensils, kitchen ducting, windows, mirrors, porcelain, paintwork and all surfaces not harmed by water. Not for use on polished floors.

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