At Flints we stock over 2,000 line items across 5 distinct product groups. But we don’t just sell products.  We support every sale with great advice and information aimed at saving you time and money.  The groups are:

  • Consumables – Cloths, Wipes, Brooms, Mops, Buckets, Dusters, Bin Liners, Bottles, Gloves,
  • Chemicals – Concentrates, Hard & Soft Surfaces, Sealers.
  • Paper Products– Facial Tissue, Toilet Rolls, Interleaved Towels, Rolls
  • Equipment – Window cleaning, Vacuum Cleaners, Scrubbers, Steam-cleaner’s, Polishers, Ride Ons.
  • Sundries – Brushware, Matting, Accessories, Parts, Vacuum spares.

Machinery Hire

We Hire Steam Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers (suction & non-suction), Wet Vacs and Back Pack vacuums.

Service And Repairs

We Service and repair all different machinery, Steam Cleaners, Floor Scrubbers, Floor Polishers, Carpet Blowers, Walk behind Machinery (Battery /Electric), Wet Vacs, Back Pack vacuums. We are an authorized Repairer for Polivac, Electrolux, Sebo, Cleantech.

We can order spare parts for all different machines. If your unsure whether we carry a part please write a description of what its used for or what machine its of and take a photo and either email it or MMS (multimedia message service) to us and we’ll get back to you