Over the years we often revised our window cleaning supplies. After several months of research into window cleaning and glass cleaning tools we have decided to standardise on Wagtail Window Cleaning tools which will form part of the majority of Window cleaning products in stock.  We find that its best to have the right tools available as we want you to have effective results.

And best of all we are supporting an Australian product that now ships to over 25 counties worldwide.

A bit about Wagtail. Wagtail tools promote a pivotal difference that embodies design simplicity with beautiful, robust utility and a user-centered design approach. Through rigorous Research and Development protocols, Wagtail ensured that their products constantly evolve to meet the needs of the cleaning industries and hygiene professionals. Pushing innovation through advanced engineering practices and utilising the latest technologies and materials, the Wagtail product line is a reflection of today’s modern lifestyles. The tools are ergonomically designed and built for speed, ease, efficiency and perfection.

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