Oates DuraClean Window Bucket 18L

The Flat Mop & Window Cleaning Bucket is perfect for pre-soaking microfiber pads before flat mopping, and it is also well-suited for window cleaning equipment and squeegees.


Oates DuraClean Flatmop Window Bucket 18L

Introducing the Oates DuraClean Flat Mop Window Bucket – 18L, is an exceptional container tailored for optimal performance in flat mopping and window cleaning applications. Crafted with a unique extra-wide design, it serves as the perfect bucket for pre-soaking microfiber pads before flat mopping and tackling window cleaning tasks.

A standout feature of the DuraClean Flat Mop Window Bucket lies in its durable and chemical-resistant construction. Fashioned from top-tier materials, this bucket is engineered to endure heavy usage and harsh environments, making it an ideal choice for tasks ranging from pre-soaking microfiber pads to transporting cleaning solutions and handling extensive surface cleaning.

Designed for convenience, the bucket features an ergonomic handle for easy portability and an extra-wide shape for enhanced efficiency. With multiple color options available, it aids in preventing cross-contamination between different work areas.

The DuraClean Flat Mop Window Bucket seamlessly integrates with our entire range of flat mops and window washing equipment up to 50cm, making it a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking a durable container for their flat mopping and window cleaning needs.

Key Features & Benefits:

– Rectangular shape suitable for window washers, squeegees, and flat mops.

– Lightweight design for easy handling.

– Chemical-resistant construction for long-lasting durability.


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