Introducing the Wagtail Water Fed Wave—a revolutionary cleaning tool that stands out in the market. Its multi-jet channel ensures an even water flow, offering lubrication and superior scrubbing power through a high-quality microfiber washing pad. This innovative pad ensures optimal surface contact, surpassing traditional water-fed brushes.

The synergy of a continuous water flow and the microfiber pad enhances absorbency and dirt pickup. The double pivot action allows for efficient and effective cleaning from various heights and angles, making The Wave superior to other water-fed tools on the market. Experience faster, more delightful cleaning with this multi-jet pivoting tool.

Wagtail’s Double Pivot technology sets a new standard for swivel head cleaning tools, combining genuine Pivot innovation with tilt and pan control for a remarkably smooth and fast experience. The Wave’s tough plastic channel is durable, lightweight, and window-friendly.

Versatile in use, The Wave can handle pure or tap water. Connect it easily to Wagtail’s 10M tubing for water-fed cleaning from your system or garden tap/hose. After use, let the microfiber pad dry on the tool and store it away from direct sunlight in a cool place to prevent warping.

Wagtail takes pride in being Australian-made. For additional product information, contact us at 0403 134 833 or visit our Wagtail webpage:

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