The ultimate combination tool, Wagtail Cleaning Tools presents the HIGH FLYER—an ideal solution crafted primarily for rope access window cleaners. Experience seamless transition between scrubber and squeegee with the HIGH FLYER, eliminating the need for separate tools and ensuring a quicker, more efficient clean.

Ease the strain of your cleaning tasks with the HIGH FLYER squeegee, designed for effortless cleaning of large windows from top to bottom. The double pivot feature facilitates maintaining constant pressure on the glass, whether using the handle or pole during the scrubbing process.

Effortlessly glide across any window, even under the full force of the sun, thanks to the Glide Strips that provide lubrication during squeegeeing. This not only reduces drag but also enhances productivity, delivering streak-free results.

Wagtail’s HIGH FLYER stands as a premium, multi-functional tool perfect for both inside and outside windows. This all-in-one squeegee and applicator boast superior quality with its fixed Microfibre Pad, effectively agitating dirt and tackling tough spots. Meanwhile, the squeegee leaves surfaces dry and streak-free, aided by the continuous glide of the Glide Strips.

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