What is Blue Active?

BLUE ACTIVE is a premium-grade laundry powder. It has a powerful cleaning and brightening action and the fragrance of fresh flowers. BLUE ACTIVE is safe for washing all cottons, coloureds, whites, washable synthetics and blends.

Key Benefits

Works in both hot and cold water.
Suitable for both front-loaders and top-loaders.
Has biodegradable surfactants and is phosphate-free.
Contains colour-brighteners for vivid whites and colours
Contains enzyme stain-removers.
Antibacterial with peroxy compounds.
BLUE ACTIVE will perfume the washing with a lingering, fresh floral scent.

How Does It Work?

BLUE ACTIVE dissolves readily in water to unleash a barrage of powerful ingredients selected for their ability to emulsify fats and oils, sequester waterhardness ions, digest proteins, bleach out stains, suspend dirt particles, enhance the colours and perfume the fabric. The alkalinity of BLUE ACTIVE is important for extracting soils from the fabrics.

For Use On?

BLUE ACTIVE is a detergent for industrial and domestic laundering of clothes, microfibre cloths and can be used to wash cottons, coloureds, whites, synthetics and blends in laundry washing machines. It is suitable for both top-loaders and front-loaders.

NOTE: It is not suitable for washing woollens or delicate silks and linens which should be dry-cleaned.

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Additional Information

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