Cleantech PiggyVac – Australian Designed – Robust and Reliable

The PiggyVac is an Australian designed machine which has withstood the test of time with continous improvements and modifictions since 1985, with the purpose of giving just what a cleaner needs in a vacuum cleaner, and the right price to match.


Being the most robust backpack vacuum cleaner available, Its sturdy frame has a sturdy internal structure to match, which boasts an 1100 watt motor which is an ample amount of power for vacuuming.

Its ventilated ergonomic back support combined with waist harness removes the strain on your shoulders

that comes with prolonged periods of cleaning  or those who suffer from lower and upper back related strains and weaknesses.

Added Comfort and hygiene is given with ventilated flexible shoulder straps that are softened with removable lambswool sleeves.


Its easy lid clip system means you can rotate the hose for either a right handed or left handed user.

The simple lid design and spacious internal body means reaching into the machine to clean filters and dust bags

becomes less of an annoyance, and more of a productivity gain.

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