What is Combi-Oven Cleaner?

COMBI-OVEN CLEANER is a fast-acting detergent for removing fat, grease, carbon and food residues from combination steamer ovens.

Key Benefits

  • Safe on seals in combi-ovens
  • Quickly dissolves fatty deposits
  • Rinses off easily

How Does It Work?

COMBI-OVEN CLEANER is an alkaline detergent with ingredients to dissolve and emulsify oils and fats (anionic surfactants and watersoluble solvents) as well as saponifying fats (potassium hydroxide). It is a water-based detergent. The hydroxide level is set at the correct concentration to prevent any attack of the seals in combi-ovens.

For Use On…

This product has been designed for cleaning the inside and outside surfaces of combination steamer ovens. However, it is also suitable for cleaning other ovens, grills and hotplates.

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