What is Floral?

FLORAL is a fresh-scented detergent with a powerful cleaning action that leaves surfaces clean and perfumed with a lingering floral fragrance.

Key Benefits

FLORAL has a strong reodorant perfume.
FLORAL is a biodegradable detergent..
FLORAL has an odour-masking action which is excellent in problem areas..

How Does It Work?

FLORAL is a strong odour-masking detergent with the cleaning action needed to remove offensive and putrid soilage matter. It has a fresh fruity-floral perfume that has been selected to provide maximum lingering power

For Use On?

FLORAL is ideal for use as an air-freshener where a reodorant is required. It is ideal for washing and mopping contaminated floors and hard surfaces including polished floors, tiles, fittings, glass and walls.

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Additional Information

20 Ltr, 5 Ltr