What is Foam-Up?

FOAM UP is both a cleaner and sanitiser that has been developed to provide a rich, stable foam that clings to vertical surfaces. It is very effective for removing fats, proteins and oils from all hard surfaces in food-processing facilities.

Key Benefits

  • High foaming
  • Cleans and sanitises in one step
  • Effective on a wide range if bacteria
  • Safe on aluminium
  • Works in soft or hard water, and seawater

How Does It Work?

FOAM UP is a liquid cationic detergent sanitiser with ingredients to lift and emulsify fats and oils (non-ionic surfactants), soften water and kill germs (quaternary ammonium compound). FOAM UP is effective at destroying a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as moulds and fungi. It is a low toxicity product and is stable to light and heat.

For Use On…

FOAM UP is a concentrated food-grade cleaner and sanitiser for use in kitchen and food processing areas. It is an excellent cleaner and degreaser for general surface cleaning, sink washing of pots and pans, floor cleaning equipment such as filling machines, cookers, tables, non-porous cutting implements, conveyor belts and mixing pans. When washed with FOAM UP, these items are rendered clean and free from bacteria.

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Additional Information

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