What is Graffiti Wipe-Off?

GRAFFITI WIPE-OFF has been formulated for removing graffiti from painted surfaces. It is designed to quickly dissolve felt-pen ink, ballpoint ink and spray-paint without aggressively stripping paintwork from walls or other surfaces. It is the product of choice for tackling graffiti on carpets, upholstery, walls, partitions, office furniture, traffic signs and other surfaces that could be damaged by aggressive graffiti removers.

Key Benefits

  • Dissolves inks, crayon, white-out and fresh paint graffiti
  • Has a controlled action that makes it safer for painted surfaces
  • Non-toxic, non-DG
  • Removes ink without smearing
  • Safe on all metals

How Does It Work?

GRAFFITI WIPE-OFF is a powerful solvent-based product that attacks the resins that hold ink and paint together. By breaking down these resins or polymers, this product dissolves graffiti. It is water emulsifiable so it can be rinsed away easily with water when it has finished removing the graffiti. GRAFFITI WIPE-OFF will not leave strong, unpleasant chemical odours after being used. It is nonflammable as well.

For Use On…

GRAFFITI WIPE-OFF is suitable for removing fresh paint, marker pen, biro ink, crayon, white-out, oil and grease from all painted surfaces. It removes graffiti from road signs, bus and tram interiors and exteriors and general painted surfaces with minimal damage to substrates, plastics and laminates.

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Additional Information

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