What is Take Off?

TAKE OFF is a low foaming stripper that leaves floors stripped and ready for recoating. DO NOT use TAKE OFF on linoleum floors as the alkalinity may damage this material.

Main Benefits

Powerful stripping action, even on stubborn coatings
Rips through old polish, heavy build-ups and semipermanent sealers
Thoroughly removes sealers in one application ? minimal need to re-strip areas

Product Type

TAKE OFF is a super-concentrated stripper that has a powerful formula for ripping through old films and build-ups of hardened floor sealer allowing all traces to be rinsed away. It is ideal for stripping semi-permanent sealer basecoats which are resistant to normal strippers, as well as thick coatings of polish.


TAKE OFF gives fast and complete attack of sealer and wax films. The speed and depth of its reaction decrease the need for machining, thereby saving time.

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