What is Freshaire?

A strong deodoriser with a unique four-way action to neutralize problem odours. FRESHAIRE attacks and neutralizes odours, as well as leaving a pleasant reoderant perfume.

Key Benefits

Has an appealing perfume
Is a biodegradable detergent
Is excellent for controlling odour problems

How Does It Work?

Freshaire is a strong deodoriser with a formula that has a unique four-way action:

It is a detergent to remove odour-causing soils
It is anti-bacterial to remove the bacteria that produce odours
It is perfumed to reodorise the air
It is an odour-neutralizer to attack and neutralize the molecules in the air that cause offensive odours

For Use On?

Freshaire removes offensive odours from hard surfaces, carpets, clothing, furnishings and upholstery. It is very useful in nursing homes, hospitals, laundries, toilets, rubbish dumpers, garbage chutes, trucks, kennels, animal pens, and other

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